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Cinque Terre

Professor Tony Sweeting BA MA, Oxford; PhD, HK

Sweeting The origin of the name is Olde English. Meaning beloved one, sweetheart, a darling -- a word of endearment. To quote the Sanderson Sisters novel ' The Sustained Enigma of Silent Memories ', "Sweeting. My darling, innocent sweeting."

Celebration of his life.

So many individuals come to the end of their life time without achieving one third of their true potential and capability. Anthony Edward Sweeting was not one of these individuals. His achievements were many.

Born in Newport, South Wales on the 20th April 1938. The eldest of a family of five. Two brothers and two sisters. Michael, Linda, Hilary and Chris.

Married to Sansan, his wife and soul mate for 33 happy years. They travelled between their three homes in Hong Kong, Oxford and Cebu.

Five beautiful children from this and his previous marriage.

Jonathan, Juliette, Janine, Justinian and Jacinta.

Janine and Torquil the first to give the family the gift of grandchildren.

William, Hector and Laura.

Tony Sweeting, fondly known as "Hob", had elegant sufficiency in his life and he didn't ask for anything more. He left with the dignity and grace that he had desired. And he had no regrets.

“LIFE is a promise and Tony FULFILLED it”.